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Tarot Food Plan | The Tarot cards know us better...


Have you ever wondered what stops you from achieving your goals and has prevented you from looking in the mirror feeling good and proud about yourself?   Maybe there was a trigger which knocked your confidence, did something happen which is so deeply rooted it had the power to stop you being the best you can be.  Are you aware that Tarot is your trusted friend and can help you to break the cycle of negativity?  Having personally lost over one stone of unwanted weight in just 40 days using the Tarot Food Plan, my attitude towards food and how I feel about myself has changed forever and for the better.

Losing weight is not just about the food, it is also about the emotional baggage we hold on to throughout our lives which can prevent us from being who we choose to be.  Food is a comfort, the need to over eat is often related to low self-esteem and lack of control.   On this plan, the cards guide you daily to help you stay on track and work with you through those difficult periods.  Tarot is our companion, we trust the cards to steer us through some of our greatest challenges, so why not trust the wisdom of the Tarot with our body and wellbeing?

Let me take you through the journey of being guided by the cards which know you well, what to eat, how food relates to each card suit and why.  It is time to shift those unwanted pounds and dump the baggage which stops you being the person you choose to be and finally allow your light to shine!

NB You do not have to be a Tarot Card reader to benefit from this experience as daily interpretations are included in the plan.

22 Day Challenge – Major Shift

Want to shift at least half a stone? Then join us on the 22 day challenge.

We will send you a PDF file which is designed to help you on your 22 day challenge, each day will have a major arcana card to work with, and all the information and support you will need to keep you focused on your weight loss journey.

  • Emotional advice
  • Food tips for the day
  • Daily easy to prepare recipe
  • Health tip for the mind, body or spirit (as reflects the card of the day)

ONLY £22

This is a digital download. Once payment is complete you will be redirected to the Major Shift Tarot Food Plan PDF ( click download to save  )

One to One Diet Plan Reading with Kim

Using Tarot, your birth card and Sun sign, let us pin point what may be stopping you from being fabulous. Together and with the guidance of the cards we can focus on changing negatives into positives.
This reading, will not only inspire you, but also provide the motivation you may have lacked on a similar path in the past. It is time to work towards achieving success on your new journey.
30-40 minutes by Skype/phone or face to face £50

Tarot Top Up – Focusing on Today

Do you just need a quick kick of motivation? A glance at your ‘today’ card might be all it takes to make a difference to you succeeding and reaching your goal.
Tarot Top Up Talk 15 Minutes £20

Email Kim to book an appointment info@tarotfoodplan.co.uk



Pentacles/Earth = Foods of substance, earth food/vegetables, casseroles, organic meat.
Emotionally: Dealing with issues to enable feeling secure and stable, money and home issues are priority.


Swords/Air = light foods, salads, eggs in every way possible such as omelettes, frittatas, hard/soft boiled, scrambled, poached.
Emotionally: Planning how to do things better and allow your creative energy to flow.


Wands/Fire = Spicy or grilled food
Emotionally: Active days, long energetic walks, taking the bike out, go to the gym, tackling the jobs which have been put on hold.


Cups/Water = Fish, shell fish, soups or water based vegetables
Emotionally: Be kind to yourself, nurture, meeting friends, holistic therapy, swim. Walking near water. Meditation.


Having never been motivated by a diet plan in the past, I was intrigued and wanted to find out more about Kim’s new and unique idea/concept of losing weight by being motivated and guided by the suits of the Tarot. To date I have lost 7lbs in just two weeks. I’m honoured to be part of this.
What can I say about this brilliant concept. The diet is not only working on my weight but also the emotional blockages. Both of these are going to help my self image and confidence. I am already finding that my attitude is changing and I am standing up for myself more, rather than accepting everything that is being thrown at me. Also I have lost 6lbs in the first week!
Having tried every possible diet I was looking forward to a hearing about a completely new approach to losing weight and changing my relationship with food! The easy informal structure of the diet and empowering support has made this easy. I can feel my confidence glowing and I can apply the advice and follow the plan as it all makes perfect sense! I’ve lost 4lbs in week one the first time I have been below 13 stone in years!
Wow! I lost 7,lbs in the first week I have been on the scales 6 times cos I can’t believe it.


Turkey Burgers

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Combination Day Easy Tomato Soup

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Marrow Soup with Curry

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No Sugar Tea Loaf

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