So today is Judgement day, and the magazine article in Chat its Fate (August Issue) hits the shelves about me and the Tarot Food Plan.  As any seasoned yo yo dieter will know, it is not easy to lose weight, especially when you like your food. When myself and my group started the plan the motivation and encouragement was amazing, in fact 8 of us on the 40 day (Minor card) plan lost 78lbs (yes I know you couldn’t make it up that it equalled a deck of cards).  Each of us was a ‘seasoned’ dieter and we had our wobbles, including challenging days where emotions got out of hand, but what was truly amazing was the determination of us not letting the others down by not wanting to be the first one to fail.

It was my fault we stopped after 40 days, because once we had pulled the last minor card I did not have a plan B for everyone to follow, the programme was so new I left them in limbo. I now know, we reshuffle the cards and start again! One by one old habits began to kick back in and although I have put on a few pounds from my lowest weight, I swear that this works.  The daily Tarot cards are a true support for emotional struggles and I do believe the cards know us better than we know ourselves.  The tarot card chooses the daily food source and helps you to prepare for what challenges might lie ahead that day.  The most wonderful thing about losing weight is how you feel your confidence grow, your clothes fit beautifully and your skin and eyes glow, I mean what is not to like?  Who really wants to be out of control with food, feeling tired and frumpy, because that is how being over-weight makes you/us/me feel, the idea of taking control of your day, your weight, your life, is all down to us as individuals, seriously folks, why would you not want to do that?

Judgement day indeed.