After the shock of the article yesterday, something has clicked, I was thinking last night as I put my food on my plate for dinner, just how large portions have got over the years.  When I was a teenager I worked as a waitress in my best friends Dad’s restaurant, recently she was having a clear out and she asked if I would like the pile of old dinner plates from the restaurant for the cricket club.  Never one to say no I jumped at the chance.  Bearing in mind we are going back to the mid/late 70’s I was shocked to see that these plates are just a tad larger than my side plates, I remember serving food on these and thinking what a feast was being dished up.  Happy customers with full belly’s always left with a smile and full to bursting.  So what went wrong, I looked at my own huge dinner plates and realised we have got greedy, the plates today are double the size, think about how much you weighed in your teens, do you remember ever being hungry because I don’t and I was as thin as a rake!  If we cut down just a ¼ of a portion we could still eat what we wanted and lose weight without effort.  Is one less potato going to make such a huge difference to us feeling full or not?

Over a week we eat on average 21 meals plus snacks, our tummies are just a bit bigger than a tennis ball, think about, well one thing for sure, it is making me think loud and clear about how I personally abuse my body.  I thought the World card was interesting today because the World is full of abundance and beautiful things, it reminds us in some ways we are what we make of life. So, cut out the unnecessary over indulgent portions, if you want more go back for seconds do, but try to be mindful of what goes in your/my mouths.    Oh and drink plenty of water!