I joined the gym …..   I have always considered myself quite fit even though I have a problem with my spine, I really don’t let it get me down.    Off I trot, the trainer put me on a machine to read my weight/BMI and age prediction.  The machine tells me I am dehydrated, I am obese and my age is 77.  I did actually say to her F*** OFF!   So now I am depressed, I had my first work out and the next day felt like I had carried Red Rum on my back around Aintree, I ache in places I did not know existed. I am cross with myself, how on earth do we slip in to a place where suddenly age creeps up.  In my defence the trainer was shocked at how much I could do, I said sarcastically not bad for a 77 year old (I can’t let it drop).   Yesterday I went back to the gym, I am just able to stand up straight, but the membership is paid and I am not going to waste it.  So ladies, watch this space, I am trying, food wise I am doing really well and the cards are helping me get through the bad days.  I am not making excuses (well I am) but it has been so cold I am trying to be inventive with food, lots of healthy home made soups which unfortunately make me retain water.  Honestly us women, what we have to go through.

Here I am now, not only trying to battle weight (I would not mind but I was 20lb heavier this time last year, I would have probably broken the scales) but I am also trying to bring my age back in to the 50’s where it belongs.    Onwards and upwards.

PS this is NOT me in the picture lol