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30/11/2016 14 Temperance (Still finding balance)

Today I pulled the Tower card which suggests it could be [...]

25/11/2016 = 18 The Moon v The Chariot Yikes!

Today I pulled the Chariot card, which means somehow tod [...]

16/11/2016 18 The Moon (Revealing ones Fears)

Day 3 of my 22 day plan and I am doing really well, I ca [...]

21/11/2016 =14 Temperance (Getting things in to Balance)

I have two magazine articles coming out in the next mont [...]


Hi this is a test blog post. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, [...]

Welcome to my Blog

Coming soon... [...]

Combination Day Easy Tomato Soup

Combination Day Easy Tomato Soup I large onion, peeled a [...]