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Holiday Weight!

Four days away resulted in a 3lb gain, not fair!!! I too [...]

When it Stops being an Effort

Losing weight is not hard once you get your mind in to t [...]

The Weekend Looms ….

I can be an angel  Monday to Friday with food, then gene [...]

31/7/2017 =21 The World- A New Day

How many times in your life have you done something whic [...]

Is 30 Seconds of Gratification worth the Misery?

27/7/2017 = 26 = 8 Strength Losing weight is hard, and a [...]

13/7/2017 = 21 World (Sometimes just too much of Everything)

After the shock of the article yesterday, something has [...]

12/7/2017 = 20 Judgement (Well it would be wouldn’t it)!

So today is Judgement day, and the magazine article in C [...]

Fat … me?

It has been such a busy and stressful time lately what w [...]

23/4/2017 = 19 The Sun (oh no ….  Summer is on its way and so are sleeveless tops and shorts yikes!!)

Today was the first day of the cricket season and my ‘jo [...]

April 2017 Tarot Scope by Kim Arnold

Pisces- Ace Swords – If you have any conflict around you [...]