It has been a very stressful week, but actually something has clicked.   I am sure most of you reading this who struggle with weight issues will understand what I am about to say.  Pre Tarot Food Plan, I was a greedy lady, any excuse to eat high calorie food.  When I started the plan I was so proud of myself, daily using my tarot deck to guide me with my food choices and to help me with issues I might be dealing with.  Waking in the morning knowing I had been good the day before, not only made me feel wonderful but also helped me get in to the habit of only healthy snacking if needed, and the joy of creating dishes was exciting and the weight dropping quickly made me happy.  I did not crave anything. So what went wrong?  I have realised that my carb overload this week is down to stress, instead of taking control, I have delved in to the depth of despair of eating bread and potatoes as if they are going to be my last meal.  What makes me furious with myself is that eating this white rubbish does NOT make me feel good, it satisfies a need for about 30 seconds and then the guilt overwhelms me and I feel lethargic and crap.

I am wondering what it is about carbs that calls us, I suppose if you have addictive nature, it is your bodies way of punishing itself and our weak minds which allows it to satisfy cravings.  When I eat protein I am not hungry, carbs leave me wanting more.   I really do feel fed up with myself tonight, carb overload, you see, why do it, when it makes you feel like I am now.  Well that is it, I know the weekend is upon, but tomorrow I take control again.   The ‘white stuff’ is being thrown out and I am going to get back on track before I undo all the good.