Today was the first day of the cricket season and my ‘job’ as tea lady started.  It means that summer is on its way.    I will be honest I have been struggling with my diet, the only comfort is that I am still a stone down on Christmas 2015.  However, it is not good enough, I should be a shining example.    I was thinking about my downfall, and it is definitely white bread, it is an evil thing and addictive!  When I removed bread from my diet the weight literally dropped off, I felt better, my body as a whole felt healthier and more importantly I noticed after a few days my cravings disappeared.  So why go back on the dreaded bread???   I know the answer …… it is convenience and there is nothing quite like a crusty French stick with a generous dollop of butter on it.       From today it stops, bread is now off the menu and the Tarot cards are by the laptop ready for a new day tomorrow.   One thing that really does help is the support of the Facebook group, so I will be again posting next week and looking for support.  If you want to join me see you on the page!