How many times in your life have you done something which made you proud only to let the energy dwindle and allow your achievements to fade in to the background.   Those of us who struggle with weight will recognise our yoyo feeling of emotions, having a good day then eating your body weight in chocolate the next.  The question is which day makes you feel the best about yourself,  how many of us have that sense of self loathing when we lose control?

As the ‘founder’ of the Tarot Food Plan, I am no angel, I too struggle with temptation (Scorpio with Cancer rising, I do have extra challenges lol).  However, when my head is in the right place and I stand on the scales and the number is dropping, wow do I feel great about myself as I expect you do. This week I begin a process of a minor cosmetic treatment, I won’t say what it is, and it is not to do with weight loss, but it is something which has bugged me since I was a child and at the grand old age of 57 I am sorting it. Finally spending the money made me realise what is the point if I continue not to control my food intake.   I am now back on track with my food, to be honest I have been ok for a while now, recognising when I eat due to habit or boredom, but still not disciplined enough, the silly thing is there is always loads to eat on this plan. Today I am at my desk with a bottle of water happily sipping away and getting loads done.

Today adds up to the World card, a very positive day to start a healthy food plan.  For the month of August I am offering the 40 day minor plan FREE.  So join us and make today the first day of the rest of your life.  You can easily lose a stone in 40 days, imagine by the 9th September one stone down …..  can you imagine that …… well make it happen, it is up to YOU.     (Pop along to the Join Us page to be part of our supportive group, you will have everything you need, including recipes, card meanings and more by joining us)

Extract from my book ‘Tarot’ (Hay House)

The World Card  The World signifies completion or in some cases going full circle.  It will feel like everything is finally coming together and the struggle is over. You are moving in to a period in your life where there is much to look forward to, as loose ends begin to be tied up new opportunities are waiting to present themselves to you.  Do not to resist change as this is a good and abundant period in your life, trust and go with the flow.  The important thing now is to keep on top of things, don’t let old habits creep back in to your life..  However, at this time, you can achieve anything.