Lock down Musings 1/6/2020

Geez I’m in a bad mood today, don’t ask me why, just wok [...]

Lockdown Musings 25/5/2020

It seems like lock-down is over, we are still keeping so [...]

Lock-down musing Monday 18th May 2020

It looks like we are on the road to being back to some s [...]

Lock-down Musing 11th May 2020

I say this with love .............. ??? I had a lovely w [...]

Lock-down Musing 7th May 2020

This lock down has seen two types of personalities emerg [...]

Someone Sew my Mouth Up!

A culmination of negative thoughts and disappointment fu [...]

New Year, New Start

YoYo Dieting I was fascinated to read that the interpret [...]

February 2019 TarotScopes

February 2019  TarotScope   Chinese New Year of the [...]

22 Day Challenge – Major Shift

On 1st November 10 of us embarked on a  22 day weight lo [...]

Tarot Food Plan 40 Day Challenge

Starting October 23rd 2018 we are getting together to sh [...]