It has been such a busy and stressful time lately what with one thing and another, and yesterday another load of crap fell at my door which just feels like enough is enough.

I went to bed last night and woke with pins and needles in my left arm, a numb left hand and palpitations in my chest. Not wanting to freak Martin out I tried desperately to steady my breath and get my heart rate calm and not wake him, but he woke and asked what was wrong, so in the mist of all this he said …… you really need to shift some weight, it is not doing you any good.  GREAT, this is just what I wanted to hear when I thought I literally was having a heart attack.  The symptom have mostly subsided, but today I don’t feel  great, I just don’t feel well, but the weight issue is really playing on my mind.  I know I have to get back on track and the reality is we are all not getting any younger. Things start to happen health wise 50 onwards even for those who look after themselves, it is not the fat around our mid-drifts and backsides we need to worry about, it is the fat building around our hearts and organs which are the silent danger.   I had terrible thoughts about life never being the same after a heart attack, I know because of Martin having a massive one 2 years ago, also right now I am far too busy to be ill, I can slot this in after Switzerland if the universe have a nasty waiting for me.

Not in a great place emotionally and physically today, but carbs are now off my menu for the foreseeable.   I might also have to call the doctors later and make an appointment, something isn’t right but my fear is having to spend time getting checked out, there is not a minute in the day to spare.