Don’t be a quitter!

Just over two stone down on this time last year, or around 30lbs in old money, fat gone forever (well that is the plan).   The weight loss has taken time because I am not strict all the time and the truth is, I don’t want to be.   I love eating out and do enjoy a glass cold white wine occasionally, and being 100% disciplined is just not in my nature.  However, when I have a goal to reach (i.e. fitting comfortably in my dress for my son’s wedding) then the focus is there.

I realised this morning on a long bike ride, that I suffer from food anxiety, and that I have a bad relationship with food.  For example, I am doing great, but on Saturday I am out for afternoon tea, I know I won’t be able to resist fresh cream on the scones and the white bread sandwiches, and I don’t want to be that person who sits drinking tea moaning that I can’t eat this, I can’t eat that (I talk about those people)!  Then next weekend I am at a wedding in Spain, I’m sure the tapas and wine will be flowing, I am getting anxious because ‘our’ wedding is just two weeks later and I need a few extra pounds off my body to breathe in my dress.   The idea of eating out of my comfort control zone is making me worry, I am anxious because my Scorpio/Cancer signs will be playing with my mind telling me that just one won’t hurt.  I can feel myself getting in a state about these events because of the food, so what is going on …….   If you have one of those personalities which find it difficult to be disciplined (like me), and you struggle with your weight, it is likely you are addicted to food, all the wrong things, foods with high sugar, salt and bad fat. Unlike alcohol and drugs where you have a choice, we have to eat.    I was talking to someone just yesterday about her partner who does not drink all week, but binges to the point of collapse every weekend, but because he controls it Monday to Friday does not see it is a problem.  It’s the same with food, you can be good all week, but once temptation crosses your path, you could end up eating your body weight in whatever takes your fancy.  The things is, binging does not make us feel good EVER it makes us feel like crap, after a mammoth binge the guilt and self loathing kicks in, so why do we do it?   We do it because we can!     It is about making the right choices, and wanting good results enough to make you take control, it is ok to have a food melt down once in a while or to have the odd treat without feeling guilty, but if you have a goal to reach then you cannot do this too often.   Taking control of your life and making the right choices 80% of the time is all that is stopping us from reaching our goals.

So, in conclusion, if you cannot get motivated, if you find you are back in old habits, just stop and breathe, pull a Tarot card and ask what your issue is, and work with it.   I have just done this 3 card spread, so get your cards out and have a go, it is quite enlightening!


Q1. What stops me from achieving my goal?

Q2. What do I need to do in order to focus?

Q3. How will I feel when I reach my goal?