Do you love yourself and your body enough to nurture and take care of it? 

I really think that if you have had a weight issue in your lifetime, trying to deal positively with how you look and how you feel about yourself is something which rarely goes away.   The amount of people I know, including me, who yo yo diet, spend our lives watching the scales go up and down, when I have had a bad day I ‘will’ the scales not to tell, then berate myself when they figure goes up.  For me personally, the thought of being completely disciplined everyday just does not fit in with my personality nor lifestyle.   However, I hate being fat, so the choice I have made is to get rid of it.

At the end of April, my weight was once again creeping up after such a good weight loss last year, so I started the Tarot Diet again, losing weight on your own is hard, as there is no one to explain yourself too when you feel a ‘sod it; moment happening and choose to eat your body weight in what you fancy.  So, I pay to be weighed weekly,  I have to admit I looked at a well known diet plan and did not get it at all.  Apparently, you can eat what you like, well, that is nonsense as it was eating what I like which got me to this point in the first place.    I hate slimming clubs, loathe them with a vengeance, but checking in and being weighed does help to keep you on track.  As I  wait to be weighed I listen to the stories around me, the lady who actually was wearing no underwear as she had been ‘naughty’ and was trying to cheat the scales,  then the jammy lady who stands on the scales and loses a few pounds much to her surprise as she had fish and chips and a bottle of wine the night before, and the birthday girl who didn’t dare enjoy her night out just in case she put weight on.   What sort of a life is that? Surely everything in moderation is ok, and we all need some flexibility when it comes to occasions out, holidays or just allowed to have a bad day and get it out our system.

I have followed the Tarot Diet religiously for the last 8 weeks and have lost 13 ½ lb to date.  I have lost every week, albeit on two occasions just 1/2lb but it is slowly coming off.  I am lighter now that I have been for years but still have a way to go.   With such trauma in my life this year I could have just sat eating my way through it, but I chose to take control.  Now I am 1/2lb away from my first official stone, then that will be 2 stone lighter than this time last year.

The Tarot Plan works and my card of the day really does inspire me. Today I pulled the Two Pentacles, which confirms that finding balance in lifestyle and food is the key to success.

A bottle of water sits next to me as I remember to sip throughout the day completely takes my mind off of food.

I’m feeling good ladies, come on, do you want to join me on my journey and let me support you through yours.