How it Works

Kim Arnold

This is life changing information.  Nothing faddy, just common sense and guidance from our trusted cards.  I promise it WORKS.

Get your Tarot deck to hand and decide which programme you are going to embark on, remove either the 40 minor cards for the 40 day plan, or the 22 major arcana for the quick 22 day plan.   When you pull your daily card remember to REMOVE it from the deck so that you don’t repeat the energy of that particular card.

This is just a brief summary of the Plan, join us and learn more!

1.       5-7 days before starting the plan keep an honest food diary. Write down the times you eat and what you are eating.  You will see a pattern forming

2.       Day 1 of the plan, weigh yourself, make a note and pull your first Tarot card to guide you for the day.

3.       Keep a daily food diary and ensure you are eating every 3-4 hours on recommended snacks or your meals.

4.       Drink a minimum of 1 litre of water per day and remove all fruit for the first week

5.       Reduce all WHITE carbs, ideally remove completely, substitutes and recipe ideas are available in the 40 and 22 day plans

6.       Do not be hungry, healthy snacking is permitted and encouraged

7.       Make sure you eat breakfast, either oats or eggs are recommended.  Fruit can be added after week one is completed

8.       Increase exercise, even if it is gentle walking move more eat less! 

9.       Use your Tarot card of the day to guide your evening meal and follow the advice of the emotional meaning of the card which is available via the plan.

10.   If you are having a ‘wobble’ and have signed up for the plan, pop on to the Facebook page, all of us on the Tarot Food Plan page have completed the plan or are also embarking on the journey

If you can lose just half a pound a week for the next year you will be 26lb lighter by this time next year. ½ a week is easy.

Finally good luck!

This is me after the 40 day plan!