27/7/2017 = 26 = 8 Strength

Losing weight is hard, and any of us who lose control with food, sometimes just need a reality check.  I was listening to a programme about weight loss the other day and a poignant sentence was spoken, it went something like this:  “why, when we can be so capable, strong and focused on certain aspects of our life, do we allow food to rule our thoughts and emotions”?    Implying that we are so weak that we lose control to our addiction (because that is what it is).  For the 30 seconds of gratification food gives us, most of us then suffer extreme guilt because we have not been strong enough to say NO.   Hold that thought everyone and think about why you/we/I allow this to happen. By the way I am definitely in control at the moment, this quotation is going on the fridge door!