This lock down has seen two types of personalities emerge, those who have used this time to self care,  cook from scratch, take regular exercise, practised techniques such as meditation, yoga to help manage stress, tuned in to a live workouts and used the time wisely to build life-long healthy habits.   Then there are the others, who basically thought ‘sod it’ I will sort myself out when this is over.  The cupboards are full of sweeties, crisps, wine, and any excuse to pop on those comfy trousers and plop in from of the TV.  Which one are you?

I have to admit, I swing between the two, some days I wake up full of enthusiasm, sure that today is the day I will make the changes I need to.  I work out in my gym, I plan the days menu, drink gallons of water and have a restful night’s sleep.

My bad habits tend to appear in the evening, when I am settled in for the night. Early bath and pj’s on, the only thing missing is stuffing my face with a sugary snack. I have decided the only way to combat this is NOT to buy them! To be honest if it is not there then you don’t miss it.  I have replaced the candy with walnuts and almonds, a small handful with a decaff cuppa in the evening seems to suffice, but it is all about getting in to a habit.

I know what I/we should be doing, but I am just letting you know, I too am only human.  Today is a good day as was yesterday, who knows what tomorrow might bring.  It is a Bank Holiday weekend here, usually an excuse to fall off the rails, seriously it doesn’t take much, but I will do my best.  There is always next week to put things right 🙂