It looks like we are on the road to being back to some sort of normality.   We have the green light to go out as much as we want, observing social distancing of course, cafes, bars, restaurants still not open, so daily cooking is still much of a chore.  To be honest we only use to have a weekend treat of dinner out or a take away, but meal planning has become a bore.

The weight issue still lingers, one day good the next bad, I have knackered my knee running so that is on hold for now, and I feel very frustrated by that.   It is the weekends that do me in.  I can actually be quite disciplined Monday through to Friday lunchtime, then it all goes out the window, must be a throwback to my misspent youth in the mid 80’s where the weekends were wild.    I was living in London’s Russell Square,  with a great job, an expense account and it was not uncommon to see me in the cocktail bars until the early morning knocking back pina coladas, oh, those were the days, interestingly enough, I didn’t have weight issues then, nor did I worry about it.    But, back to now, another week ahead of us, is this the week I can pull myself together.  We will have to wait and see.