Geez I’m in a bad mood today, don’t ask me why, just woke up ready for a fight, thankfully I took myself out for an hour walk to try and work out why I feel so fed up.      Still no clear answer.

On a positive note I had a good weekend, got loads done including the under stairs cupboard of ‘doom’ so called because there is so much crap in there you could not fit a postage stamp in the spare space!  This included great excitement, as we managed to secure a slot at the local tip and I cleared out a load of rubbish.

I may well have done too much, Feng Shui principles suggest that a huge clear out can shift a load of inner turmoil at the same time, so maybe things are shifting within. My weight is steady and I seem to have the ‘grazing’ under control.   Didn’t feel much in the mood for eating yesterday, very unlike me, but I have decided just because it is lunch or dinner time, does not mean I have to eat if not hungry.

Lock down is more or less over here in the UK, I just hope we do not get a second wave, the Conference date is getting closer and I am inwardly worrying about that, I will of course put proper measure in place if we are able to go ahead, but it is the uncertainty which is frustrating.

Another day here working at the laptop, it never ends, I need a holiday!!!