It seems like lock-down is over, we are still keeping social distance and shops, restaurants, bars and cafes closed, but judging by the amount of people at my local beach plus the car park filled with cars, I guess we are through the worst.

I had such a good eating week last week, in fact I lost 3lbs, then the weekend strikes again and I managed to put 2lbs back on.  I have mentioned before that Saturday nights we try and make different from the rest of the week, it helps us to define what day of the week we are on!  So, Saturday I made a homemade Indian feast, followed by a bag of popcorn (trying to be good and avoiding chocolate) whilst watching a film did the damage.  To be honest I am gutted, I know what ingredients went in to the food and it was, by Indian restaurant standards, quite healthy.

Now another week looms and I have to start again,  I feel weary with the constant cycle of yo yo dieting, the ups and downs of trying hard, yet not succeeding.    Weary is a good word and sums up very much how I feel right now, the temptation to book in to a boot camp when this is all over is running through my mind, but some bossy boots telling me what to do might well result with a smack in the mouth the mood I am in, oh what to do…. The good news is that my knee is better and will get back on the couch to 5k run this week.