Choose from one of the following 2018 Special Offer membership options

MINOR PLAN (40 day plan – £35 £25 limited period)

Minor 40 day plan includes:  A review of your current eating patterns with an analysis of your ‘before’ food diary.   Tips and advice on how to achieve your results and a MP3 meditation to inspire your weight loss written especially for this programme.  A personal consultation with Kim or one of her Consultants by phone or Skype to get you started, plus midway personal contact to check how you are doing.  Access to daily inspiration and motivation  via our private Facebook Page.  Constant updates of new recipes which relate to each suit throughout the 40 days.    Week one is sent separately to the full plan, with a print out of the emotional meanings of your minor tarot cards to keep you on track and guide you to successful weight loss.   Constant updates of new recipes relating to each suit incorporated in your food plan.

MAJOR PLAN (22 day plan – £25  £20 limited period)

Major Shift 22 day plan includes:  A welcome email containing all the relevant information you will need in order to successfully follow this speedy weight loss plan. Also included, will be helpful tips and advice on exactly what you need to do in order to achieve a personal weight loss of, at least, 7 lbs in only 22 days!  Plus, a printout of, not only the food plan, but also the emotional meaning of each Major Tarot card drawn daily for your guidance.  Easy to follow and tasty recipes will help you keep to the plan. Last, but not least, daily inspiration and motivation via free membership of our closed Facebook group.

30 Minute One to One Consultation with founder Kim Arnold by Skype, phone or in person (Kent/London only) – £45.00