YoYo Dieting

I was fascinated to read that the interpretation of ‘YoYo’ in text slang means ‘You’re on your own’, very apt I thought, as losing weight is very much a personal journey.  My own journey with weight loss is always a struggle, last year I lost nearly 2 stone to fit in to a dress which almost cost the price of a car for my son’s wedding, I did it, and the amazing feeling of zipping up that dress on the day  and remembering how fabulous I felt …… if only I could have bottled that feeling of joy and achievement.  The overindulgence of white bread and naughty carb bloating had gone, I was in control and loving in.  So why oh why, the Sunday after the wedding, did I fall in to a fully cooked breakfast, the first substantial fatty food I had eaten for 2 months (and had not missed) and never looked back. The bad habits were well and truly instilled in my memory and came back with a vengeance.  What the hell is wrong with me!!

Yesterday I met with my cousin, she told me she was on a diet (she is a lifelong yo yo dieter). She lost 20lbs for a cruise last year, when she came back home, she had put on exactly 20lbs. (I am telling you this to remind us all we are not alone with our weight struggles).

I am trying to analyse why we do this. YoYo …. you ARE on your own, because when you secretly eat, or eat openly the food which you know is bad for you, when you overfill your plate with a man-size portion, remember only YOU control what goes into your mouth.  The main point of the Tarot Diet is that the cards guide our emotions, when we feel the urge to overindulge, pull a card, what is it telling you.    I have always known the cards know us better than ourselves.  I just pulled the 5 Swords, conflict of the mind, a battlefield, yes, I hear you and yes I will sort myself out!

Honestly, whatever weight loss plan works for you, do it, but use the Tarot as your friend.  I am once again back on plan but trying something different, as this needs to be a lifestyle change, not just up and down weight loss and gain.   None of us are getting any younger, the aches and pains, if not already happening, will without a doubt start to appear, health issues will become a greater risk as we put on weight, diabetes is rife in our society, we all know someone dealing with this, so why wait to take control.       There is never a better time than NOW.