A culmination of negative thoughts and disappointment fuelled by others, have filled me with a sense of sadness today.  This in turn has led to me eating my body weight in crap, along with being incredibly tearful it has been a pretty shitty day.   I realise that others can to stir our emotions ONLY if we allow them the power to do this, I hate myself for losing control and doing the one thing which makes me even more fed up, eating rubbish, it makes you feel rubbish.

What it has done, has made me sit with my diary this afternoon and add dates for the the things which make my heart sing, my meditation group, teaching psychic development AND kicking off the Tarot Food Plan challenge again.

Those who came to my first group will remember the feeling of motivation and inspiration we felt when we came together, shared stories and worked with the cards to understand our triggers.

Saturday 6th July is in the diary for a morning workshop, if you are unable to join us physically we are offering the 22 day challenge to drop in to your email box every day for 22 days.  With the support of the Facebook Group,  realistically we can lose 10lbs in a month.  Are you up for it?  See the front page for booking option.

You can book your space here http://tarotfoodplan.co.uk/