You know those days when you wake up and you feel you can conquer the world, well step inside my head at the moment because this is where I am.  I pulled the Strength card this morning and it really connects with how I feel.  Enough tears have been shed over the last few months and I was waiting for the day when I felt positive and raring to go.   Strength does that, she reminds us of what we can achieve when we want to.  It is easy to stay in the ‘poor me’ mode, but a wake up call is needed.   The main idea of the Tarot Food Plan is that the cards work as your emotional support, so Strength stays with me throughout the day today.

This morning my cousin Denise and I went for an early morning run, well this is another Blog as we were like Dumb and Dumber as we started, but more on that later.  Having ‘banked’ a couple of miles I am determined not to spoil things now by eating my body weight in food.   Everything is planned out for my fire energy day. Have a look at the meaning of Strength as I work through the Major Plan.

VIII Strength – Fire  It is important today that you work with the energy of this card.  It reminds us of our own strength and how we deal with daily challenges. When the Strength card appears, we find our inner strength, so, whatever is currently going on in your life, you should feel gratified that you are doing all you can. This card also reminds you that, finding inner strength, is sometimes the most difficult challenge we face. The strength to believe in yourself and follow your dreams are paramount now.