Aries-  Sun – Family and brighter issues are highlighted this month. This is a card of breakthrough.  At long last your hard work and effort is paying off.  When the energy of the Sun card appears in a reading, everything is on its way to becoming brighter, maybe youhave that summer holiday to look forward too, if not start planning one.  There is likely to be good news on its way to you!

Taurus-  The Magician – It is time to create a little magic in your life, be brave enough to step out of routine and push your boundaries.  By putting in a little effort you can make your dreams a reality.  Research new options, it is time for change and prepare for a new path ahead, don’t allow yourself to be unfulfilled.

Gemini- Knight of Pentacles – Although you may be carrying a lot of responsibility at the moment, you are coping remarkably well.   This month you should be feeling more positive, a great time to get those jobs done and tie up loose ends. You should be feeling productive and ready to start new projects.   Ideas which involve money could be lucrative.  Start planning.

Cancer-   Ace of Swords – Stop thinking about what you need to do and take action. This is a period of great opportunity for you.  If you are dreaming of a fresh start, find a way to release yourself from negative influences.  However, to achieve success make sure your intentions are clear and focused. Ventures started now, could mark the start of a very positive era.

Leo- 8 Cups -Relationships are at the forefront this month. Not necessarily with an immediate partner as this card can also relate to friendships/work colleagues and family members.  If you have someone around you who is sapping your energy with their negative attitude, you need to take a step back and learn to say NO!  No one will think less of you for putting boundaries in place.

Virgo- 9 Swords – You may find you are dwelling on the negative rather than looking for positive solutions.  Take difficult issues in hand and deal with them.  They will not go away without action.  It may not be as difficult as you think.  Too much thinking and not enough positive action, look at options this month which will help you to move forward.  What’s the worst that can happen?

Libra-   The Star – A period of change awaits you, let go of whatever is holding you back, it serves no purpose in your life now.  Breathe in new energy and feel yourself awaken and come alive. Think how you can achieve your greatest goal, what action do you need to take, what do you need to release before a new start can happen?  It may be easier than you think to change everything!

Scorpio- 5 Wands – Work issues may have been a battle ground recently and you having to defend your actions or work harder than ever to prove yourself.  The frustration will pass but maybe a compromise will have to be agreed before harmony is restored.  Make sure you have all your facts in order before confronting issues

Sagittarius-   Temperance – Weighing up the pro’s and con’s before making a decision is the best way forward just now.  Trust your intuition as it will guide you well.   If you have been through a stressful period it is time to be kind to yourself.  Healing is needed to enable you to reconnect with yourself and others.  Put yourself first for a change and try to balance work and home commitments

Aquarius – 7 Cups – Conflict between your dreams and your fears may be at the forefront this month, you may feel you are in a stalemate situation because you are afraid of making the wrong decision, plan and be brave, something has to shift and it can only do so with a little more effort from you!

Pisces- 4 Wands – Now is the time to celebrate what you have accomplished. Things are falling into place and your hard work will soon pay off.  Your endeavors and projects have reached an important phase. At this stage, you can expect success and reward. Creative enterprises will feel like they are getting somewhere.  In some cases, the Four of Wands can indicate the purchase of a new home. Property and investment matters flourish.


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