Losing weight is not hard once you get your mind in to the zone. The less I eat the less I want, and I realise that although I am an emotional eater, my body has slowly trained itself not to overload on sugar and carbs when I am having a crisis.   The secret to losing weight I think is water, drink plenty of it, it will make your skin shine, your body functions work better and your mind brighter, and if you don’t buy the bottles stuff it is free!  How odd though we have to remind ourselves to drink water, well I have to remind myself constantly.

The ladies currently on the plan are finding the Facebook support page a real comfort, we are all in the same boat, having been yo yo dieters for years, the daily card is an inspiration and makes us look inside ourselves and not to the fridge when we might have a weak moment.   I am loving the support of the ‘girls’ even the bad days, after all we are only human